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Joe Cudjoe

Joe Cudjoe

Portrait and Event Photographer

About Photographer

Joe Cudjoe is a Ghanaian photographer with years  of experience in portraits and event photography. He specializes  in studio, outdoor portraits and events coverage.Former photography editor for Ferrum college's Iron blade and with work featured in the Iron blade, Ferrums Magazine and other mediums.


Ferrum College - Class of 2014

Courses Outside Degree Field

Typography & Logo Design

Print Media

Computer Art & Graphics

Seneca Valley High School - Class of 2010 Science Diploma

Courses Outside Degree Field


Graphic Design 

Other Experiences

Photography Editor - The Iron Blade

Graphic Designer - Datrex

Graphic Designer & Photographer - Pro Power Foundation

Photographer and Graphic Designer - B.A.T.A

Photography Services- Various Churches,Organizations and groups

Graphic Designer- The Hardy Trust Graphic

Designer - Pan-Africa

Photography Contributions

Ferrum Magazine

Roanoke Online Report

Ferrum Athletics


Ferrum Flickr 


Pro Power Foundation 


One of the best interactions I've ever had with a photographer. Polite patient and personable. You are free to be yourself and just smile while he captures your candid moments.

Jeneba T.

I met up with Joseph to do a photo shoot in Rockville, Maryland. He had rented out a nice place for the job, and requested a great price for the work he did. I was very satisfied with the pictures he took, the way he conducted himself (very personable and professional) and he sent the results to me in less than 24 hours! Definitely would recommend his services to anyone looking for a high-quality photo shoot                                                                                                                 Sean Wikman

Very fun to work with , professional, and he has Fast and efficient communication. Edits are flawless and are done very quickly. Highly recommend for any occasion!! Will definitely plan to work again with him!

 Elizabeth L.

Joe is a very professional young man. I met Joe while he was taking photographs at ProPower Football Camp. I contacted Joe about doing headshots for my sons. Joe took wonderful pictures of both boys including my active 8-year-old. Joe was able to capture him despite his unwillingness to cooperate. As the saying goes, it's a money shot.

Evelyn N.

I have worked with Joe Cudjoe for many years in modeling. His photography skills are flawless! I love working with him because he lets me express myself while also providing professional criticism and suggestions. He will clear his schedule to work with you and does whatever he can to make sure I'm happy. Joe is a respectful gentleman and I suggest him to anyone and everyone! Whether you are looking to model or have your senior/holiday pictures taken, Joe is the right person for you! Thank you Joe for always capturing those special moments with me and I look forward to shooting with you again!

Olivia E.

I've worked with Joe on multiple occasions and he's amazing! The first time I worked with him was about 3 or 4 years ago, I did some modeling for him and everyone loved the photos! The most recent I've worked with Joe was back in May 2015, I needed a photographer for my maternity shoot and here comes Joe with his photo cape!! The photos were absolutely amazing! He did an absolutely wonderful job capturing me and my family, in fact I bought all of the photos because they all were so wonderful. If you are looking for a photographer who knows their work, whose friendly and professional, Joe is the man for you!

Rasheema M.

I have know Joe for five years. He has volunteered his time with my foundation. He has been our photographer, website designer, and media support.Joe is very giving, reliable. responsible and dedicated. He has a passion for helping others and giving back ta the community. Joe is very creative and he takes initiative. He has gone above and beyond to help and assist my foundation in many ways.www.propowerfoundation.org

Mark S.

I have known Joe since the spring semester of 2012, when he was a student in my public speaking course. At the end of that semester, Joe approached me about a work-study position with our student newspaper, The Iron Blade, where he could apply his photography skills. After reviewing his credentials and his online photography site, we created a work study position for Joe. He was the photo editor for our newspaper, but he took his role beyond expectations. Joe played a key role in moving The Iron Blade online, something Iā€™d wanted to do since my arrival at Ferrum College in the fall of 2011. Joe was a faithful photojournalist, a reliable photo editor, and instrumental in both setting up our Wordpress site for The Iron Blade Online, as well as helping other students learn how to edit our online newspaper. Joe continued to lead our student journalists until his graduation.ironbladeonline.com

Karl R.

I love and believe in your brand and I must say your pictures are exceptional, I love photography and I aspire to be great like photographers like you . I have a little knowledge about photography but I desire to learn from you.

Prosper B.

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